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This is actually an idea I've had for a good long while.  I've just been too lazy/haven't been able to figure out how I wanted to do it.

Until now!

Aside from Vogita being in a relationship with someone who is legally dead (in this timeline), this is another running gag about Vogita and Circuit's relationship.  Circuit used to freak when he remembered that he was in love with someone over a century younger than he was.  Vogita being Vogita didn't know what the big deal was at the time.  :giggle:

It all spawned from me catching something on TV a couple years back.  It was one of those weird talk shows (probably Jerry Springer, lol) and a guy was fighting with his girlfriend's family over their relationship.  He was way older than her and they didn't like it.  Anyway, I uttered those words in the first panel and immediately remembered that I technically have let my "kid" be with someone WAY older than they are. ^^;  

I didn't mean it, Circuit.  You're the perfect match for my little lunk head.  :meow:

Also, how do you guys like my copy/paste method for consistency?  8D  -totally not a loophole for being lazy-

- Date of completion: 4/2/2017

Vegerot [Imo] (c) ME; :iconvegerot:
Circuit (c) Saiya-bridge 
Sketch Dump 2016-2017
I've had these saved up on my old phone for awhile now.  Seemed a shame to just shelve them and not let them ever see the light of day again.  Even tho a few have but eh.

Top left: Veku.  He's about 2 now since he's slightly older than Pan.  Cute isn't he?  x3  (pretty sure I got the Kanji for "prince" right this time...)

Bottom right: Perspective shot of Vogita just being all cool and stuff.  Or at least, he thinks he is.

Middle top left: Sketches of Veku's hair.  I gave him difficult hair like his daddy so I wanted to practice it a little.  xD  Think it looks good.  c:

Middle bottom left: I doodled Bulma and tweeted the photo to Monica Rial.  She liked it.  :D

Middle top right: I felt down one day, it was some time ago now but I needed a spot to fill, so I doodled this sad Vogita.  Where's his husband?  He needs a hug dammit!

Middle bottom: Angry Vogie is angry.  It's inspired from a scene from a fic I'm in the process of doing.  Hit a bit of writer's block with it but I think I have an idea of how to get it going now.  Just need to not be lazy. :v  (Spoiler alert: he's yelling at a certain Saiyan prince...  They butt heads a lot.  <: )

Top right: Vogito will be a handsome man someday.  Actually, he's a teenager now if memory serves...  :?  Maybe a bit older than Trunks and Goten are in Super if I had to guess.

Bottom right: Moi.  Well, Saiyan moi.  Shirt says "Why" don't ask me why.  ;P

And there ya go.  Sorry that it's so monochrome but I don't always feel like coloring, haha.  Enjoy!

Vogita, Veku, Vogito (c) ME; :iconvegerot:

Bulma (c) Akira Toriyama

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Been awhile since I made one of these so I figured the first day of the year was as good a day as any!

But before we get down to the nitty gritty, let's start of with the first 'Vegerot's Journaly Rant on the Weather' of the new year! :clap:

It's been really fucking cold lately. So cold that it's making some of my old injuries hurt... >< Unfortunately, it hasn't been cold enough to snow all that much. Gotten a light dusting here and there but nothing all that major. We DID get the fiest White Christmas in Kami knows how long tho which was pretty awesome! :D Of course, it didn't actually snow till the evening of Christmas Day but a win's a win. :v

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow, how bad tho, I'm not sure. Ah well, snow in the new year will be nice. c:

And thus ends the first 'Vegerot's Journaly Rant on the Weather' of the new year! :bow:

Lotta shit has happened since I last updated. So much that I don't really care to list it all and will instead throw out that stuff and thangs happened; cons, video game shenanigans, historical movie awesomeness, self-defense and some other things I'm sure.

I got some pretty neat DBZ related merchandise this past year. Things such as a S.H. Figuarts Broly. Pre-ordered the magnificent bastard in September and he arrived about a week before Christmas. :'D I also went to watch Battle of Gods in the special limited theatrical release they were holding in select theaters nationwide with some friends and my sister. It. Was. The single most beautiful thing I've ever seen on the silver screen. :la: Months later, I not only purchased said film but got it autographed by Ian Sinclair the voice of Whis. He was so excited to finally sign a copy. xD My mission now is to have everyone else sign it. Tis a difficult task but if I play my cards right, it may be possible to complete. :salute:

I also managed to get hold of a HUGE bookshelf courtesy of a family friend to put all the books I previously had stacked in random places. It's beautiful... :happycry: My room basically got a little rearranging that was a long time coming. The bookcase is now full but there's more room than there was before. Been really hard controlling my urge to buy new books tho. >< Really gotta read the ones I have first... >.>

Onto the self-defense. A friend invited me to try out a Krav Maga course. It's not mandatory and it's pretty fun but it's been too cold for me to bother with it the last couple weeks. I do plan to go back but not sure when. I wish it would warm up a bit more. :/ Luckily the month or so I spent taking the class left me with pretty nifty skills. :nod:

I cannot promise a lot of art for this coming year so just be thankful for whatever I DO happen to upload. I don't doodle as often as I used to but dammit when I do, it's usually pretty great. :')


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Not much I'll say, just that Dragon Ball is obviously one of my favorite animes. I love many others but that's the main. I read manga and have a ton of favorites there too. I love books and drawing has always been a favorite hobby of mine along with playing video games. I'm still very new at digital art but I like looking around for different techniques.

DBZ: Vegetto Stamp by MammaCarnage DBZ: Manga Vegetto Stamp by MammaCarnage Fusion Gogeta Stamp by Dbzbabe Black by Camilathemew
Stamp: Bardock SSJ by wLadyB91 Broly stamp by wLadyB91 Majin Vegeta Ultimate stamp by Dbzbabe Turles - Evil Defined by Vegerot


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